best wordpress menu plugins in 2023

5 Best WordPress Menu Plugin(s) in 2023

For users to have simple access to the information they need, a website’s navigation must be effective. Your site’s clients and users can find the desired material easily and swiftly with the help of a well-designed menu. We have collected a selection of the best WordPress menu plugin(s), including drag-and-drop designers and personalized design panels, to assist you in achieving this. By using these plugins, you can build simple, intuitive navigation panels for your website, improving user experience all around.

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What is WordPress Menu Plugins?

There are various menu plugins available for WordPress, including some that also provide breadcrumb options. While some plugins focus on specific menu types, others offer a wide range of options. However, there are some fundamental features that you can expect from navigation and menu plugins.

Mega menus are dropdown menus that provide multi-level navigation, helping visitors understand your website’s structure and content better.

Sticky menus stay at the top of the page, ensuring that they are always visible, even when users scroll down.

Custom icons help make your menu more visually appealing and recognizable.

E-commerce cart integrations integrating the cart into the menu can make it easier for customers to access and manage their orders.

Drag-and-drop builder feature enables you to create and rearrange menu items without any coding skills quickly and easily.

Having a clear understanding of your requirements and non-negotiables is crucial when selecting the ideal solution for your website. However, opting for a menu plugin is a smart choice as it eliminates the need for creating basic menus in WordPress or starting from scratch when editing your WordPress header.

The Best WordPress Menu Plugins

Finding the best WordPress menu plugin for your requirements can be difficult given the large selection available. We have collected a list of the top plugins accessible to streamline the procedure. These plugins are made to make creating aesthetically appealing menus for your WordPress website fast and easy without sacrificing utility or quality. These plugins are prepared to meet your needs, whether you need a straightforward menu component or something more complex.

1. Responsive Menu

A popular tool called Responsive Menu can greatly improve the functionality of your WordPress website. You can build visually stunning menus that work perfectly on all platforms thanks to the broad variety of customization options available even in the free edition. Additionally, even those unfamiliar with WordPress can use the tool due to its simple menu construction process. This plugin is highly regarded, particularly for its mobile-first design, which elevates it to the top tier of presently accessible mobile plugins.

Key Features:

  • 150 customizability choices to make menus ideal.
  • When your menu is visible, turn off the content backdrop scrolling.
  • To guarantee compliance, W3C concentrates on accessibility and gadget compatibility.
  • Fully incorporated and configurable search.
  • Polylang and WPML interfaces.

Price: Starting at $49 per year.

2. WP Mobile Menu

Installing the WP Mobile Menu plugin will enhance your website’s functionality and user experience on mobile devices. Mobile traffic has increased, and improving the mobile user experience has become increasingly important, especially in the header and navigation bar. A free version, a premium version, and a premium plugin version created especially for eCommerce shops using WooCommerce are the three versions of the module that are offered.

Key Features:

  • Create a three-level deep navigation interface.
  • Tools designed specifically for WooCommerce to boost merchandise sales.
  • Create if-then logic to display alternative options.
  • Total power over menu design and flexible settings.
  • Nice fundamental characteristics, such as (google fonts, slide and push display types, naked header, and more).

Price: Free; Paid plans start at $77.88 per year (8.99 per month).

3. WP Mega Menu Pro

A fantastic tool that offers a graphic WordPress menu editor is WP Mega Menu Pro. Its simple graphic designer makes creating a mega menu without any writing knowledge simple. You can create complex navigational elements with ease and implement them according to your needs thanks to its simple drag-and-drop system. You can design useful and aesthetically pleasing mega menus for your website using this application.

Key Features:

  • Grid-based or row and column arrangements.
  • The widget is prepared to add more features.
  • Social media components and business logos are simple to add.
  • Dashicons and Font Awesome are integrated.
  • An efficient auto-save ensures that you never lose any of your work.
  • WooCommerce offers support for a variety of bespoke features, such as unique shopping icons and product displays.

Price: Starting at $29 per year.

4. Max Mega Menu

A flexible menu component called Max Mega Menu, which is offered in both free and paid forms, can be used to upgrade the WordPress theme’s built-in basic menu. This makes it simple for you to improve the options and navigation on your website. Max Mega Menu makes it simple to create mobile-responsive mega menus that perfectly suit the requirements of your website with a user-friendly drag-and-drop creator and a wide range of personalization options. This tool is appropriate for anyone seeking to modify their site’s menus without any coding knowledge, whether they are a new or seasoned WordPress user.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight component with numerous menu configuration options.
  • Drag-and-drop builder for adding tools and rearrangement of objects.
  • Supports touch panels and flexible menus.
  • Make adhesive menus and horizontal giant menus.
  • Integrations with WooCommerce and Simple Digital Downloads are used to display shopping totals.
  • 100+ customizing possibilities.

Price: Free; paid plans start at $29 per year.

5. DiviMenus

For users of the Divi theme looking to improve their WordPress menus with cutting-edge personalization options, DiviMenus is the ideal choice. This well-liked plugin has over 4000 sales and has received excellent reviews from pleased users. Using your WordPress menus, you can create aesthetically striking menu displays in a variety of forms with DiviMenus. To create a unique menu that meets your design requirements, you can customize the alignment, titles, borders, and other elements provided by this component. Additionally, you can increase user interaction with your website by using multiple menu options.

Key Features:

  • Create imaginative giant menus using the Divi Library templates in your menu.
  • Integration of an eCommerce shopping page.
  • Make witty circular menus that display text or pictures when you move over them.
  • Make a vertical menu that, when hovered over, reveals words or pictures.
  • Make workflow or timeline options.
  • Choices are built-in for various motion effects.

Price: $49 per year

What is the Best WordPress Menu Plugin?

DiviMenus is a great option if you’re a Divi user looking for a complete and adaptable menu solution. It’s a user choice thanks to its robust features and user-friendly design. Due to its mobile-first design skills, Responsive Menu is an outstanding choice for those looking for a mobile menu solution. For those who want a customized mega menu with lots of options, WP Mega Menu is the go-to option. We trust that these suggestions will enable you to successfully update the menus on your website.

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