best wordpress crm plugins in 2023

5 Best WordPress CRM Plugin(s) in 2023

Maintaining a relationship with your clients as a company owner using WordPress is important. The ability to effectively handle client relationships (CRM) is essential for tracking leads, revenue, and customer interactions. Fortunately, there are a number of CRM plugins for WordPress that can make managing your client base easier. In this piece, we’ll give you the details you need to choose the best WordPress CRM plugin for your company by highlighting five of the most popular ones.

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Why is CRM so important?

Software for Customer Relationships Management (CRM) assists companies in controlling their communications and connections with leads, prospects, and clients. Businesses can use this tool to handle their sales and marketing initiatives, monitor customer interactions and emails, and store and arrange customer data. Businesses can improve customer service, keep consumers, and boost revenue by using CRM tools.

The powerful content management system (CMS) WordPress, on the other hand, gives companies total authority and freedom when creating their websites. WordPress can act as the building block for a unique CRM system, even though a CMS and CRM are distinct from one another. Businesses can upgrade their basic website into a comprehensive management system that effortlessly interacts with their website and other critical technologies by installing a straightforward plugin.

Different Types of CRM

CRMs can be created for particular duties or business models. Knowing what your company requirements are and how a CRM can help you relieve some of the pressure from your work becomes extremely essential (and not add to it). Here are some areas of expertise that CRMs can concentrate on:

Sales Focused – Designed to aid sales teams in managing lead scoring, transaction worth, and communication.

Marketing-focused – Built-in tools that communicate with email marketing programs and ad networks and frequently offer some degree of automation for marketing initiatives.

For service-based teams that require customer administration after the sale, including handling tasks, project management/invoicing was developed.

Specialty – Designed for specific sectors, like real estate, software as a service, or healthcare.

Although all CRMs ought to have some of each, some excel at particular duties. You should concur at this time that using one is a no-brainer! Finding the ideal CRM plugin, however, can be a bother. Be at ease; we are here to assist you in identifying the ideal answer.

CRM Plugins for WordPress: 5 Best Plugin(s)

Looking for the best WordPress CRM plugin(s)? Look no further than our thorough list of five best choices, which begins with the well-liked and simple-to-use FluentCRM. These top choices are the result of extensive research across the internet, including the final two extensions, which are especially beneficial for users of standalone CRM systems like Hubspot or Zoho. These WordPress CRM plugins are certain to satisfy your requirements, whether you’re a salesman, small company proprietor, or blogger.

1. FluentCRM Plugin

A powerful WordPress plugin called FluentCRM offers a complete email marketing management and CRM system. It is made to rival other email marketing platforms like Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, and Groundhogg. Because FluentCRM is a self-hosted WordPress plugin, you can simply handle your email campaigns and relationships from within your WordPress installation, setting it apart from its competitors.

Key Features for FluentCRM:

  • Import your data automatically from Files, WordPress users, and WooCommerce clients.
  • Comprehensive data analysis, utilizing connections with WooCommerce, EDD, LearnDash, and LifterLMS, to give you greater insight into your relationships.
  • Email marketing with lots of features right from the WordPress interface.
  • Contacts can be divided based on events and can keep notes, custom fields, and tags.
  • Tools that are easy to use.

FluentCRM is a versatile plugin that offers robust capabilities to cater to a wide range of businesses, such as eCommerce, membership, and learning management. Its intuitive user interfaces and flexible automation builder and email campaign editor provide a hassle-free and streamlined approach to managing and crafting marketing campaigns. With FluentCRM, businesses can easily handle their marketing needs with ease and efficiency.

Pricing: Free, Premium starts at $129 a year

2. Groundhogg CRM Plugin

Groundhogg is a potent all-in-one application for marketing automation and client relationship management. It offers sophisticated features that are usually only available in bigger and more expensive software-as-a-service (SaaS) tools like Keap and Zoho. However, because Groundhogg is a 100% native WordPress component, it is a cost-effective and practical choice for companies of all kinds. Groundhogg, a flexible marketing automation CRM similar to FluentCRM, is best suited for eCommerce companies and sectors with a strong marketing emphasis. Here are some of the most important points from our more thorough analysis of Groundhogg.

Key Features for Groundhogg CRM:

  • Complete relationship administration with segmentation and labeling.
  • Text and email marketing are both included in marketing automation.
  • Numerous time-saving interfaces, including a Divi link with “Plus tier” (some only available with higher priced levels).

Business proprietors can use WordPress more effectively with Groundhogg CRM. Within your WordPress installation, you can quickly build marketing automation, sales channels, and email campaign management. Even setting up automatic processes from the dashboard is simple enough.

Pricing: Free, $20 monthly plans available

3. Propovoice Plugin

For independent contractors and company proprietors who require a CRM and billing system, Propovoice is a comprehensive plugin. You can handle customers, tasks, invoices, estimates, and other crucial parts of your company within your WordPress installation with the help of this robust utility. Propovoice is a crucial tool for streamlining your routine and increasing efficiency, whether you’re trying to grow your freelance or service company. Propovoice places a stronger emphasis on sales and project management than other CRM plugins that stress marketing, making it a distinctive and worthwhile addition to your arsenal.

Key Features for Propovoice:

  • Managing sales and leads.
  • Management of estimates, invoices, and projects.
  • Project administration (with a forthcoming client communication portal).
  • Templates to improve the professionalism of your quotes and bills.

The sleek and contemporary design of the Propovoice plugin, which is mirrored in its user-friendly UI, makes it stick out among other plugins. The plugin’s ease of use is a major selling point, whether you’re selecting an invoice design or using the Kanban board to manage your transactions. Although Propovoice is a comparatively new plugin, it’s important to note that the development team is constantly working to improve its few connections, and new integrations are being introduced frequently. In essence, Propovoice is a plugin that emphasizes user-friendliness and is always changing to accommodate its users’ requirements.

Pricing: Free, Paid plan starts at $59 a year

4. Bit Integrations Plugin

Bit Integrations is a powerful WordPress integration suite that enables seamless connections between different plugins within the same website. Unlike other plugins that connect your WordPress site to external tools, Bit Integrations brings together your internal tools to work as a unified system, eliminating the need for frustrating silos. While it may seem like an unconventional plugin for a WordPress CRM article, Bit Integrations can be a game-changer for those using standalone CRM tools like Hubspot, Zoho, or ActiveCampaign. By leveraging Bit Integrations, you can connect even more tools than you initially thought possible, creating greater automation and integration on your website. While it may not be suitable for all setups, Bit Integrations, along with its competitor Flowmattic, is an excellent choice for enhancing automation and integration within your WordPress website.

Key Features for Bit Integrations:

  • They can use more than 150 WordPress plugins.
  • proficiently integrates their other goods (Bit Form, Bit SMTP, and Bit Assist).
  • The cost of a robotic tool is very low per year.

Consider reviewing the integrations that are listed and explore the possibilities of accomplishing tasks that you previously believed required custom-coded APIs and webhooks.

Pricing: Free, Premium version $19 a year

5. WP Forms Plugin

WP Forms is a plugin that you may not have anticipated seeing on our list. However, if you have a CRM, whether it’s WordPress or not, it’s likely that it’s constantly collecting data. Without a significant amount of actionable data, your investment in a CRM becomes futile. This is where forms plugins come into play – they serve as a crucial element in your data collection process. WP Forms, among other exceptional form plugins that we’ve discussed in our article on the best form plugins, is a fantastic option, especially for forms that require a vast array of integrations. These integrations act as conduits, transferring valuable data between your website and CRM.

Key Features for WP Forms:

  • For every use scenario, there are countless designs.
  • To transmit data, there are connections on top of integrations.
  • A lot of freedom with various forms kinds (conventional, newsletter email opt-ins, contact, etc.).

WP Forms offers a wide range of categorized templates that can help you quickly build forms to support your business. With everything from donation forms to opt-in forms, WP Forms has all your needs covered. The platform includes features that save you time, making it easier for you to create the forms you need.

Pricing: Free, Premium starts at $49.50 a year

What is the Best CRM Plugin for WordPress?

In today’s highly competitive business environment, building strong relationships with customers is more crucial than ever. Companies can effectively manage and monitor customer interactions by utilizing WordPress-based CRM plugins. These plugins offer specialized tools that cater to specific tasks, making them better than other CRMs.

For those seeking the best marketing automation CRM, FluentCRM or FunnelKit are recommended. If your business requires more sales and post-sale management, Propovoice may be suitable. Bit Integrations and WP Forms are also helpful for anyone who has an existing CRM setup.

It’s crucial to remember that putting a CRM into place takes a sizable time and effort investment. It takes time to set up custom categories, routines, and procedures, but the effort is ultimately worthwhile because it enables companies to remain on top of their client’s requirements.

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