best wordpress real estate plugin(s) in 2023

7 Best WordPress Real Estate Plugin(s) in 2023

If you’re an agent, you’ll need a website that showcases your properties in their entirety. If you’re a web developer who deals with realtors or firms, you’ll need to know how to incorporate real estate features into your customers’ web pages. Either situation is one that the finest WordPress real estate plugin(s) on the market can help you handle.

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Why Do you Need a WordPress Real Estate Plugin?

Those in the real estate industry have more choices than they think for building a successful real estate site. WordPress actually has some really excellent choices for displaying your ads if you want to avoid paying for expensive MLS listing services. You can build a completely functional real estate site with ads, floor plans, video tours, and brokers working for you using a mix of apps.

The Best WordPress Real Estate Plugin(s)

In this article, we will be discussing the top 7 WordPress plugins for real estate. Our focus will be on highlighting different solutions that provide varying feature sets, but all have received positive reviews and offer exceptional support. So without further ado, let’s dive right in!

1. Realtyna WPL

If you want to add a property listing system to your website, the Realtyna WPL plugin for WordPress is a potent instrument that can assist you. You can use this plugin to make and handle property listings yourself, or you can enable individual real estate agents to do so if you’re part of a firm.

With Realtyna WPL, you can include a lot of information in your listings, including property kinds, prices, square area, and other important details. This application is an excellent choice for anyone looking to build a robust real estate advertising system on their WordPress website.

WPL Real Estate allows you to submit pictures for each of your properties and make image galleries, as well as connect videos and other pertinent papers. Furthermore, you can tailor the fields that show within each listing to your particular requirements.

WPL Real Estate’s user administration system is one of its most remarkable features, allowing you to quickly control the rights of each agent on your website. This is especially helpful for agencies with numerous realtors because it guarantees that everyone on your team has access to the right information and resources.

WPL Real Estate is a flexible plugin that offers an excellent choice for local SEO (SEO). It includes the ability to add meta descriptions and keywords for each new entry, which can improve the exposure of your website on search engines. WPL Real Estate is also Divi-compatible and offers a variety of theme packs to assist with website creation.

Moreover, WPL Real Estate provides several paid extensions that considerably increase its versatility. These add-ons, however, are somewhat pricey, with costs beginning at $199 per year.

Key Features for Realtyna WPL:

  • Add an advertising administration system to WordPress
  • Make new entries with a plethora of custom options.
  • Allow other realtors to make and update ads.
  • Change the preset values in each listing.

Price: Free, with a premium version available for a $199 Lifetime payment.

2. Easy Property Listings

Easy Property Listings is a WordPress component that adds a complete listing system to your website, enhancing its usefulness. With this plugin, you can easily include a variety of property-specific details in each ad, such as examination times, the selling agent’s name, and other pertinent information. It includes a number of features and choices that allow you to give your audience a seamless and engaging experience while looking through your property ads.

Accessible Property Listing has a significant benefit in that it offers customers numerous display choices. You have the option of displaying your assets using shortcodes or apps. This plugin’s unique widgets, including a search function built especially for real estate listings, put it apart. The plugin’s interoperability with Gutenberg blocks makes it simple to add other blocks to your entries.

Furthermore, the plugin includes a large number of add-ons that provide useful features to your website. Some of these add-ons are less expensive when compared to other real estate instruments.

Key Features for Easy Property Listings:

  • WordPress should have a real estate advertising system.
  • Modify the preset fields for each ad you submit.
  • Listings can be displayed using their own websites, buttons, or shortcodes.
  • Include a listing-specific search box.

Price: Free, with premium add-ons starting at $27 per year.

3. WP VR

More people are looking to virtual real estate tours as a convenient option to conventional in-person tours as their appeal grows. Scheduling and planning actual visits, particularly for high-demand properties, can be time-consuming. Luckily, there is another option: creating immersive virtual experiences with a plugin like WP VR.

You can simply post panoramic photos to your WordPress site using WP VR, allowing users to explore and engage with your property. The plugin also supports video material and comes with a mobile-friendly gyroscope option to add an additional element of interaction to your tours. So, whether you’re a real estate agent or a property proprietor, WP VR can help you display your area in a captivating and user-friendly manner.

WP VR is a powerful utility that enables you to easily make virtual experiences. Using the “hotspot” function of this tool, you can easily link numerous panoramic pictures. This function allows users to travel through bigger areas more easily by clicking on particular locations within a picture to load the next one.

While WP VR can be used for a variety of reasons, it is particularly effective for displaying real estate sites. You can provide prospective clients with an immersive and thorough watching experience by including virtual tours in your property ads. Depending on your taste, you can add virtual walks to your ads using the Block Editor or shortcodes.

Key Features:

  • Make visual visits to your properties.
  • Allow viewers to “navigate” through panoramic pictures.
  • Connect numerous images and allow users to navigate between them in a separate element.
  • Using blocks or shortcodes, you can add virtual demonstrations to your ads.

Price: Free, with a premium version available starting at $79.99 per year.

4. Draw Attention

Until now, we’ve only talked about extensions for real estate ads. However, Draw Attention provides a unique feature set that can significantly benefit real estate websites, even though it is not immediately connected to postings.

You can use Draw Attention to convert your pictures into engaging components. Users, for example, can view information about a specific portion of a picture by hovering over it, making interactive maps, and designing infographics. Draw Attention is also perfect for posting interactive floor layouts.

We recommend using Draw Attention in combination with one of the listing apps on this list for the best outcomes. Each annotated picture you create with Draw Attention is given a unique shortcode, allowing you to show floor plans in ad descriptions or any other place on your website.

Key Features for Draw Attention:

  • Create floor layouts and annotated photos for your ads.
  • Shortcodes are used to display dynamic media.

Price: Free, with a premium version starting at $99 per year.

5. Estatik

Estatik is a WordPress plugin created especially for real estate ads. This plugin, like other similar tools we’ve covered previously, is jam-packed with features that enable you to modify and add new listings to your website.

Estatik, on the other hand, distinguishes itself by providing some unique features that make the process of purchasing and selling homes even simpler. It allows your customers to save searches, make wishlists of their best properties, and quickly share ads on their social media profiles, for example. Estatik is a strong tool for real estate companies seeking to better their web profile and draw more clients thanks to these additional features.

Estatik is a plugin that provides over 50 shortcodes for displaying property ads in a variety of methods. The component also includes helpful features like a property slideshow and listing search tools, as well as a free layout built specifically for real estate websites. Although the theme is simple, it displays listings in an appealing way; however, you can choose other real estate themes if you prefer.

However, one disadvantage of using Estatik’s free edition is that it only allows the WordPress administrator to submit listings. You must upgrade to the premium edition to allow support for numerous agents.

Key Features for Estatik:

  • WordPress should have a real estate advertising system.
  • Customize the categories in each entry.
  • To show your ads, use shortcodes.
  • Use widgets to show listings and include a search function.
  • Allow people to save and share ads on social media.

Price: Free, with a premium version available starting at $89 per year.

6. Essential Real Estate

Rather than simply posting your own listings, the goal of Essential Real Estate is to create a platform where different agents and companies can display their homes. The extension is intended to make front-end uploads easier, but it also allows you to directly add entries.

By offering subscription choices, this tool allows you to make income from your real estate marketplace. Realtors must subscribe to Essential Real Estate before posting ads, which you can then examine and authorize before publishing. Similar to a membership plugin, the plugin also contains money processing features, allowing common choices such as PayPal, Stripe, and wire transfers.

You can give business memberships in addition to individual realtor registrations. The use of shortcodes in the application allows for simple interaction with themes such as Divi, resulting in user-friendly and accessible listings. Customers can even make wishlists of their preferred homes.

Key Features for Essential Real Estate:

  • Establish a platform for real estate listings.
  • Allow realtors and companies to enter new listings via a front-end form.
  • Before they go online, entries must be approved.
  • Set up different membership tiers in your store.
  • Accept funds through PayPal, Stripe, and wire transactions.

Price: Free

7. dsIDXpress

DSIDXpress is a powerful plugin that improves the SEO powers of your MLS entries. Its user-friendly features enable you to seamlessly attract more visitors to your website and turn them into prospective customers. With customizable widgets, shortcodes, and search tools, the app provides a plethora of helpful tools that allow users to easily look for properties in their chosen location. Furthermore, the plugin includes effective lead-capture tools, making it a perfect option for increasing sales and growing your company.

Do you want to give your website users up-to-date and accurate information on houses that are for sale, pending, or sold? Look no further than our plugin, which uses an extensive MLS database to provide the most current and correct information. Not only that, but users can also access useful resources such as school district statistics, indexable sites for towns and areas, and configurable templates that perfectly fit the style of your website. Choose our plugin for an unrivaled answer to all of your real estate requirements.

Key Features for Essential Real Estate:

  • Setup and modification are simple.
  • Layouts that are SEO-friendly and adaptable.
  • MLS entry changes in real-time.
  • Pages for the city and its neighborhoods.
  • Filters and advanced search tools.

Price: Starting at $59 per month.

Which WordPress Real Estate Plugin is the Best?

There are numerous WordPress real estate apps on the market, each with its own set of features and benefits. While some plugins focus on making aesthetically attractive property ads, others offer advanced features like comprehensive floor plans and virtual visits. Furthermore, certain plugins simplify the advertising process, ensuring that your website always displays the most recent information.

We suggest Realtyna WPL as an all-in-one real estate listings plugin because it can function as a complete MLS service integrated into WordPress. This app allows you to handle your tasks by creating ads, adding agents, and even collaborating with other users.

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