7 best wordpress directory plugins (2023)

7 Best WordPress Directory Plugins (2023)

Do you want to build an online index website with WordPress? It’s critical to have the correct plugin to help the process go more smoothly. Online listings make it easy for users to find companies, services, goods, and more. However, without the proper plugin, creating one from scratch in WordPress can be a difficult job. Luckily, there are a variety of directory apps accessible to aid in the process. Choosing the finest one that suits your needs can be difficult. We’ll provide you with a list of the best WordPress directory plugins in this piece to help you make an informed choice for your company.

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How to Choose the Right WordPress Directory Plugins for You (What to Look For)

WordPress Directory plugins have been around for a while, with most options offering all of the features required to build a good directory website. However, the finest directory plugins go beyond the fundamentals. They provide easy directory creation, enabling even those with no coding experience to easily set up their directory website. Furthermore, they are adaptable and adjustable, allowing you to customize your directory website to your particular requirements by changing everything from the structure to the categories included in each entry.

Advanced search and filtering options are also important for a list website because they allow users to quickly find what they’re searching for. The finest directory plugins include such features to make it easier for users to find and sort entries. Furthermore, if you intend to monetize your directory website, you must locate a plugin that handles famous payment processors and eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce. This allows you to charge for listings, establish different subscription options, and show sitewide advertisements.

It is critical to choose a suitable and frequently updated directory plugin to ensure that it functions smoothly with your other WordPress plugins and templates. This interoperability aids in optimizing the speed and user experience of your directory website. Finally, if you want your directory website to acquire traction and thrive, you must select a feature-rich directory plugin.

The Best WordPress Directory Plugins

If you want to create a catalog website with WordPress, there are several tools available to help you get started. Each plugin has its own set of features and abilities, so whether you’re creating a basic contact book, a classified advertising area, or a company directory, this list has a plugin for you. The first component we’ll look at is GeoDirectory, which is quite common among users.

1. GeoDirectory

GeoDirectory is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to build a location-based company listing. This list is comparable to well-known sites such as YellowPages and Yelp. Users can easily send businesses and other pertinent organizations for approval using GeoDirectory. They can also conduct searches for these organizations, with the findings presented beautifully on a live map. Using GeoDirectory, you can transform any WordPress site into a valuable company directory. This article will walk you through the stages of creating a company directory with GeoDirectory.

Key Features for GeoDirectory:

  • Use the CSV import and export tools to transfer directory info.
  • Create your directory entries using a drag-and-drop UI.
  • Using the available templates, you can easily design the directory.
  • System for managing locations.
  • Change the appearance of search results and specific listing sites.
  • Results of a search focused on a particular location
  • Users can evaluate ads.
  • Integrates with Ninja Forms to link with other CRMs and Integrates with website builders like Divi
  • Integrates with well-known SEO plugins such as RankMath.
  • WooCommerce is supported.
  • Premium Add-ons for monetizing your website, setting up recurring payments, and allowing company proprietors to claim ads.
  • Multisite suitable for creating a directory network

GeoDirectory is a complete solution for building directory websites, with a variety of features to handle all parts of site creation. One of GeoDirectory’s outstanding features is its seamless compatibility with other top apps, allowing for a variety of connections that can take your directory site to the next level. One such connection is with BuddyPress, which enables you to link your listing site to this social platform, personalizing it and making it stick out in a congested market. You can use this integration to increase user involvement and activity on your directory site by leveraging the force of social networking.

GeoDirectory Pricing: Free, Premium $199 a year

2. Business Directory Plugin

Do you want to build a directory website but lack the technological know-how to develop it from scratch? Search no further than the WordPress Company Directory Plugin. This user-friendly plugin makes it simple to create and manage various kinds of folders, making it easy to get started. Whether you’re making a company listing or something completely different, this plugin has everything you need. Furthermore, visitors can simply post their own listings, needing no coding expertise on your behalf.

Key Features for Business Directory Plugin:

  • Authorize.net, PayPal, or Stripe can all be used to monetize your listing.
  • WPML is supported for international listings.
  • SEO-friendly and compatible with Yoast SEO
  • People can search for businesses based on their area.
  • Allow for ranking and feedback by using appropriate schema markup.
  • Allow users to submit files and manage the file types that can be added to listings.

One way to monetize your directory is by offering different pricing plans. You can opt for a directory that only provides free plans, or you can add various features to each plan and charge a fee accordingly. You also have the option of setting time limits for each plan or creating recurring payment plans. This approach can make it easy for you to generate income from your directory.

Pricing: Free, $99 a year

3. AWP Classified

If you’re looking for a straightforward yet effective method to integrate classified ad listings into your WordPress website, the AWP Classifieds plugin is a fantastic option. This application was created by the same team that created Formidable Forms, and it provides an easy solution for anyone who wants to quickly add a classified advertising area to their site.

Key Features for AWP Classified:

  • The automatic generation of necessary pages simplifies the setup procedure.
  • Non-registered users can submit advertisements with just an email address.
  • Monetization assistance with tailored membership plans, allows the easy establishment of a classified site to make money.
  • Integration with four major payment processors allows for simple revenue via paid postings and the charging of banner advertising on classified sites.

AWP Classified allows you to limit the number of entries, reviews, or ads based on the user’s plan, allowing you to establish various pricing levels to monetize your classified area. Additionally, to improve your income potential, you can show external ads such as Google Adsense on your website’s classified areas, removing the need for an advertising plugin.

AWP Classified Pricing: Free, $49.50 a year

4. Directorist

Directorist is a freemium WordPress directory plugin appropriate for a wide range of websites, including company directories, property listings, classified advertisements, and employment platforms. With a broad variety of features, Directorist seeks to be the only WordPress directory application you will ever need. The same business has created (but does not require) its own listed templates, which can be useful to aspiring directory proprietors.

Key Features for Directorist:

  • Directionist’s unique drag-and-drop form builder makes it simple to create your listings sites.
  • Bespoke form variables can be searched for precise search results.
  • Search widgets with over ten distinct categories are included.
  • For geo-based entries, use Google Maps or OpenStreetMap.
  • Compatible with the Multivendor extension for WooCommerce to create a multi-vendor store.

Directorist is a potent and aesthetically attractive tool that can significantly improve the usability of your directory-based website. With Directorist, you can quickly add searchable custom fields or choose from a variety of common directory fields such as price, tags, location, and more. Its sophisticated filtering options enable users to swiftly locate the information they seek, making your website more efficient and effective.

Pricing: $139 a year

5. Toolset

Toolset is a strong WordPress plugin that includes a collection of tools that make it easier to create advanced web pages. It can be used to create bespoke eCommerce, real estate, subscription, and directory sites. It is not, however, the simplest item to acquire on this list because it feels like its own ecosystem of connected tools. However, it can assist you in building an index website from the ground up.

Key Features for Toolset:

  • Create unique article categories, limitless custom fields, and taxonomies for your website’s front end.
  • Create unique frontend pages that people can use to engage with your directory.
  • Restrict some website functions and areas to paying customers only.
  • It includes comprehensive training as well as an orientation program.

While Toolset is not exclusively intended for directory websites, it provides a broad range of tools that allow users to build nearly any type of website on the WordPress platform. Furthermore, Toolset offers specialist training to assist users in creating index websites. Furthermore, Toolset works smoothly with Divi and other popular page builders, enabling users to create aesthetically beautiful directory sites.

Pricing: From $69 a year (renews at $51)

6. Connections Business Directory

Are you looking for a simple yet effective company listing plugin? Connections Company Network is the place to be. Although it is not the most aesthetically appealing choice on our list, this plugin allows you to create different directories and display thousands of entries from around the world. The greatest aspect is that the plugin is completely free to use.

Key Features for Connections Business Directory:

  • Four organizational blocks help the Block Designer.
  • Listing and index entry privacy settings
  • Allows you to customize the categories that appear on your ads.
  • Nesting groups are supported.
  • Face Detect is an add-on that automatically centers the showing of personal photos.

This plugin includes an optional feature that enables users to build directories highlighting people such as alumni, employees, and volunteers. The Face Detect add-on for the plugin is an excellent choice for ensuring that pictures are presented optimally, regardless of size, and that a person’s face is always the focal point.

Pricing: Free, with add-ons (Free – $14.99)

7. HivePress

HivePress has created a fantastic directory application for WordPress that is totally free and has a plethora of features. Furthermore, the business provides a variety of appealing directory templates and plugins that can greatly improve the usefulness of the main component.

Key Features for HivePress:

  • Users can charge to have their offering featured.
  • Users have the ability to send confidential notes to ad proprietors.
  • Users can “favorite” items, making them easier to locate in the future.
  • Users can control their ads through private frontend panels.

HivePress has a sleek and modern user interface that allows users to control their ads without logging in to the WordPress administration. Using the heart symbol, which makes a Favorites page, you can easily create a page for users to save their favorite entries. This functionality enables users to keep note of and save their favorite listings on your website.

HivePress Pricing: Free, with paid add-ons (Free – $39)

What is the Best WordPress Directory Plugin?

When it comes to choosing a WordPress directory plugin, finding the right balance between deep feature sets, plugin integrations, and user-friendliness is key. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best directory plugins available to help you find the perfect fit for your next project.

We strongly suggest GeoDirectory as the finest general directory plugin. This plugin has strong features and expansions, is easy to use, and works with other plugins smoothly. If revenue is a top concern, Business Directory is a great choice to think about.

Toolset should be used in combination with Divi by advanced WordPress users. This dynamic pair offers all of the tools required to build a directory customized to your particular requirements. Whatever component you choose, make sure it fits both your company’s needs and your budget so you can effectively build out your database.


These WordPress Directory Plugins are perfect for creating and managing directories on your WordPress website. With their unique features and functionality, they can help you create a directory that is both easy to use and visually appealing. Whether you’re looking for a free or paid option, there are the best WordPress Directory plugins that will meet your needs.

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