best wordpress interactive map plugins in 2023

6 Best WordPress Interactive Map Plugin(s) in 2023

Interactive maps can be incredibly helpful for various types of websites, such as travel blogs, business directories, or online stores. They assist users in finding specific locations and make contact pages and other content more captivating. If you’re using WordPress, you may be interested in the top WordPress interactive map plugin(s) available.

In this article, we’ll examine interactive map plugins in more detail, explaining how they operate. We’ll then evaluate some of the best plugins currently on the market. Let’s begin!

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Why Do We Need WordPress Interactive Map Plugin?

Are you searching for a method to give your visitors helpful information while enhancing the visual appeal of your website? Think about including an animated chart! Whether you’re emphasizing a city route or a trekking path, a dynamic map is a fantastic tool.

A plugin makes it simple to incorporate a live map into a WordPress website or WooCommerce shop. Many of these plugins even enable you to build custom maps with your own markers and give various perspectives of your places. The best part is that you can add features by integrating your plan with Google Maps.

Your website’s users will benefit more from the interactive chart you’ve included. They will be able to organize their trips and find locations with ease. For consumers looking to locate and visit your outlets, an interactive map can be a useful aid if you operate an internet company with several physical store locations. Why not think about including a live map on your website right now?

6 Best WordPress Interactive Map Plugins

Let’s now examine some of the top WordPress plugins for interactive maps. We made our decisions based on a number of factors, such as functionality, usability, and personalization possibilities.

1. Interactive Geo Maps

With the help of Interactive Geo Maps, you can create interactive maps of the globe and its continents, show nation maps, and emphasize particular areas. You can make interactive, dynamic maps with this tool that will improve your slideshows and give your audience a more interesting experience.

Key Features for Interactive Geo Maps:

  • Your charts should have colored markings.
  • Pick between various map models, such as Mercator and Miller.
  • Remove certain areas from the chart.
  • Configure the hover hue shift and click behaviors.

You can choose the area you want to highlight with ease thanks to the plugin’s user-friendly UI. Using the visual options after making your choice, you can alter how your chart looks. The app also allows you to add circular, colored marks to the map to draw attention to specific places.

Price: Free, $2.49 for the premium version.

2. Maps Marker Pro

A premium component called Maps Marker Pro provides a wide range of features for building dynamic, international maps. You can make maps in various languages by integrating them simply with translation tools like Polylang and WPML. In order to increase the functionality of your maps, the plugin also allows polyline forms like polygons, circles, and squares.

The GPX tracks feature in Maps Marker Pro also enables you to display paths with optional information like distance, time, pace, or slope. Visitors can view particular information on the map by using customized filters, and cluster markers can be used to conserve space. A user’s present position and recent moves can be shown in real-time on a map thanks to the plugin’s geolocation support.

Key Features for Maps Marker Pro

  • the ability to design numerous unique layouts.
  • With optional information, GPX files.
  • Polyline assistance.
  • capacity to limit searches by users.
  • Pointer grouping.
  • multilingual assistance.
  • Geolocation.

Price: €49 for one-time use.

3. Mapify Pro

Powerful map plugin Mapify Pro is available in both lite and commercial editions. The lite edition supports an infinite number of web pages and allows the addition of up to ten places. You can customize your maps with your chosen picture, and it provides interactive click tooltips with text, images, and videos.

On the other hand, Mapify Pro’s expert edition has a tonne of cutting-edge features. It provides customizable markers and supports the addition of an infinite number of places to your maps. To make markers that coordinate with your brand or website design, you can select from more than 50 marker icons or submit your own unique marker icon. Additionally, it seamlessly works with well-known programs like WooCommerce and Advanced Custom Fields, giving you more choices for how to show information on your maps.

Additionally, Mapify Pro gives users the option to make sophisticated tooltip content, such as pictures, videos, and HTML, to provide users with more in-depth information about a specific place. Another outstanding feature that improves user experience is the live map legend provided by the app. Users can quickly recognize and distinguish between the various landmarks and places on the map thanks to the map legend, which offers a key to each one. You can design a completely adaptable dynamic map legend with Mapify Pro that is accessible on any device.

Key Features of Mapify Pro:

  • Adaptable marks.
  • High-tech filtration.
  • Extremely flexible chart layouts.
  • Integrations with ACF, WooCommerce, and other systems.
  • Dynamic grid legend.

Price: Free, $19 per month for the pro edition.

4. WP Store Locator

A user-friendly tool called WP Store Locator enables you to display an unlimited number of shops on an interactive map. With the help of this application, website users can easily sort results by distance and get driving instructions to your different stores.

Key Features for WP Store Locator:

  • Give more details about each shop, such as contact addresses and hours of operation.
  • Display the distances and driving instructions to each shop.
  • Showcase your plans in various dialects.
  • Maintain tabs on the places that users are searching for most frequently.

You can start adding shops to your directory right away after downloading the plugin on your website. You can exactly define the location and business hours for each store. Additionally, you can add extra information like your phone number and website address.

Price: Free, plus $19/year for add-ons.

5. Responsive Vector Maps

A potent application that makes it possible to produce excellent, flexible vector maps for WordPress websites is called Responsive Vector Maps (RVM). The dynamic features of RVM, such as linkable marks and mouseover tooltip effects, provide users with a wonderful user experience.

Key Features for RVM:

  • Use pictures as symbols for marker pinpoints.
  • Element visibility on the screen can be changed.
  • When users select nations and regions, the label information is displayed.
  • The marks and map parameters are exported.

A program called RVM makes it possible to create a simple world map. Using this utility, you can add hyperlinks, create pop-up labels, and change the backdrop hue of each country on the globe.

Price: Free

6. The Divi Map Module

Users of Divi can add a dynamic map to their website without the need for an additional component. This is made possible by the Divi Map Module, which makes it simple to add a dynamic map to any website and allows you to add clickable pins, numerous places, and pop-up windows.

Key Features for the Divi Map Module:

  • To the map, add editable icons with tooltips.
  • Built-in design options for altering the map’s components.
  • Supports extra motion effects, draggable zoom, and more.

Using a variety of built-in features like color selection, map hue and saturation changes, and other personalization choices, our Divi Map Module enables you to customize the look of your map components.

Price: $89 annually.

Which WordPress Interactive Map Plugin Is The Best?

Are you searching for methods to add more interest and life to the content on your website? Think about adding interactive maps that emphasize attractions like shops, hiking paths, and locations. With so many choices accessible, it’s critical to choose the best tool for your unique requirements.

The reliable option for multi-national companies looking to highlight their worldwide footprint is the WordPress Interactive Geo Maps plugin. On the other hand, Maps Marker Pro is a strong competitor if you need a more complete answer with user-filtered searching capabilities. Both options enable you to make interactive maps that are interesting and educational for your audience.

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